4 Benefits of Drilling Wells in Different Angles

The traditional way of drilling for natural gas, oil, and other is through vertical wells. It is when rigs drill straight down in the surface.

However, despite the many companies that use this method, there’s a better way to obtain information, stimulate reserves, or hit the targets accurately. That is by drilling in other angles besides vertical.

This is what directional drilling is all about. Therefore, the ability to steer the well to leave from the vertical is important.

But that’s not enough benefits. So why you should wells be drilled differently? Why not vertical?

Why Drill Wells in Different Angles?

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There are many benefits of drilling wells besides the vertical angle. It can be used to reach targets while increasing the measurements of the “pay zone”. Reduce footprints of gas field development. Intersect fractures.

There are basically a lot of benefits. Here’s a look at four of them:


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Vertical drilling can be difficult when it comes to installing electric or gas lines. This is because of the obstacles that you need to cross.

These include rivers, undergrounds, or roads. However, with horizontal drilling, crossing these places can be a piece of cake.

Accurate Targeting

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Sometimes, reservoirs can be located in places that are impossible to hit. However, that’s only if vertical drilling is used.

That’s why directional drilling was used and fortunately, it can tap these reservoirs. This is one of the reasons why directional drilling is used in the oil and gas industry.

Widen the “Pay Zone”

With a stone unit a hundred feet thick, a vertical well will also need to have the same thickness. However, if it’s not a vertical well, and it is drilled horizontally, then the pay zone will also have the same length.

This results to increased productivity for that certain well. If this process is aided with hydraulic fracturing, the productivity can further increase.

Drilling Pad

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The method of draining a wide area from a single drilling pad is used to reduce the footprint of a drilling operation.

In fact, there are many featured news that says drilling from a single drilling significantly reduced the development of footprints of natural gas within the drilling areas.


The importance of directional drilling cannot be ignored. It can change the drilling process to a whole new level.

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